rich in antioxidant
Rich in Antioxidant
protein boost
Protein Boost

Nori is the Japanese name for a type of seaweed that, as well as in Japan, can be found in China, Korea, and Europe, above all along the British coasts, where it is known as black butler. Seaweed of the Porphyra variety, which is used to make nori, has a high protein and fibre content. In fact, 30-50% of the seaweed’s dry weight consists of protein, while the majority of the remainder is digestible fibre. Since the chemical composition of seaweed is so close to human plasma, it is an excellent way to purify our blood. This super seaweed can actually contain up to 10 times more calcium than milk and thanks to the high vitamin C content, it boosts the bio-availability of iron. Nori also contains chlorophyll (the pigment that makes plants green) which is a powerful natural detoxification agent that can help to eliminate waste products from our body.

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