Shichimi togarashi is a famous blend of spices invented by a Japanese expert in phytotherapy during the Edo period with the intention of creating a mix in which every ingredient had beneficial qualities. Shichi in Japanese means “seven” and  togarashi means ‘pepper’ which refers to the number of spices typically used to create the blend: […]


This bowl has been devised for all of our Beauties who follow a Plant-Based diet. Pollution, stress, poor diet, and too much use of make-up are all factors that can harm beautiful looking skin, hair and nails.


Your ‘essential beauty meal 🪞✨ with fermented foods rich in components known for their antioxidant and prebiotic actions. A healthy gut is essential to our well-being. Alterations in our microbiome and micronutrient deficiencies can cause skin signs or cause skin problems. This bowl has been created to bring you easily digested materials that will boost […]


In the Skin-tox bowl, you will find foods that have been recommended for their purifying properties.🍏✨ The skin is our first defense against external pollutants. These can penetrate the epidermis, clog the pores altering the microbiota. Detoxification is nothing more than a process that the body constantly carries out through biochemical mechanisms that take place […]