Wasabi peas, or wasabi mame as they are called in Japan, are little green peas that have been toasted and covered in powdered wasabi. This crunchy topping mixes the sweetness of the legume with the decidedly spicy taste of the famous Japanese root.


Shichimi togarashi is a famous blend of spices invented by a Japanese expert in phytotherapy during the Edo period with the intention of creating a mix in which every ingredient had beneficial qualities. Shichi in Japanese means “seven” and  togarashi means ‘pepper’ which refers to the number of spices typically used to create the blend: […]


These small white sesame seeds have been flavoured with Japanese wasabi and mirin to make them a perfect topping for those who love spices. Wasabi, a traditional Japanese plant, is often used with raw fish dishes on account of its bland antibacterial and digestive properties.